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Zadar Music Schedule




List of best history Landmarks in Zadar!




Pourquoi visiter la Croatie?

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Sky Diving

Remember the day when you made your first baby steps? Of course not; but you will surely remember the moment you step out of an airplane for the rest of your life. Not only is this a special moment for you, but we also feel privileged to be the ones who can share your first tandem skydiving Zadar, Croatia rush with you. Prior to skydiving Zadar in Croatia, we will start of with a pre-jump safety briefing, where all of your questions will be answered and the whole procedure of the tandem skydiving in Zadar, Croatia will be explained in detail. After that, we board our plane and get ready for the tandem skydiving jump. Ready?




"I made a mistake. Before traveling to Croatia, I mentally lumped its cuisine in the same category of other Eastern European countries I have visited. Never mind the fact it’s not an Eastern European nation (it’s classified as Southern European) and I obviously failed to do proper research on the various cultural influences Croatia has enjoyed over the centuries. So imagine my shock when I arrived and found not the bland, boiled cuisine I expected, but one that is diverse, delicious and fun to try, including these highlights..."


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Zadar, Croatia, Old Town











When someone mentions the word “vacation,” most people see the same picture in their mind. A beautiful piece of shore with some shade from the sun, a colorful cocktail in hand and bright yellow sand meeting the waves of the sea coming in.

Aah, yes – the sand. We all know that strange feeling of walking over it barefoot, the feeling of crossing a very hot yet pleasant carpet.

The shores of the Mediterranean are mostly rocky, pebbly sites. As such, they have a unique charm of their own. But you’re not reading this text because you want to learn about that. You want to find out where to land on some sand in this country. So here you go – we bring you several picks for locations offering sandy beaches where you can make like a lizard.

 1. Saharun (Dugi otok)

Saharun is a beautiful white sand and pebble beach almost one kilometer long. It’s located on Dugi Otok and is surrounded by natural beauty and a peaceful atmosphere. Even in the peak summer season with all-day and all-night beach parties, it never gets overcrowded. Its recognizable feature is a tall lighthouse which proudly serves as a photo landscape. Liked by families and the elderly during the day, and hot young things by night, Saharun is a favorite of everyone.

You’ll love it because: The color of the water is a Caribbean-like blue – it’s quite unique for the Adriatic.


Check out the rest here




Best time of a year to visit Croatia

In my humble opinion the best time to visit Croatia is April, in the most of the time. Last decade April has become really warm month in Croatia, warm enough for sunbathing for sure, and swimming for almost all since the sea temperatures range from 18 C to 21 C depending on a year. 
In April there is very low number of other guests so you will for sure avoid the crowds both on beaches and towns. Low number of tourists will also enable you to sea and feel the real life of Croatians. Visiting Nature Parks and Parks of Nature will be much more pleasant without long waiting lines and human made sounds. 
Prices!! Everything is much cheaper out of main season. Some things like vocation rentals can be up to 50% of the main season price. But that is not all, the food, drinks, tickets, bus and taxi rides, everything is much cheaper in April compered to June, July and August. Also, there is almost no traffic outside of main cities like Zagreb and Split.


Best Restourants in Zadar Area? Check out the Tripadvisor list of best restourants and pizzerias in town here



4 Driving Tips in Croatia


1) If you are traveling along the coast and you have time, take the old road. Long road is slower but it passes trough many nice coastal villages and town that are worth seeing, as well there are many sea view vistas. If you are in hurry or you dislike a lot of bends on the road take a highway, it is great quality. 
2) Maximum speed on Croatian Highway is 130 km/h, the police tolerates up to 150 km/h, but going faster will almost definitively result in ticket of minimum 400 E. 

3) When going inland of Dalmatia it is advisable to buy a map. GPS can be unreliable there. 

4)If you do not travel along the highway you will see a lot of wild animal warning signs. Take safety measures and slow down when you see that because it can really happen. In case of hitting an wild animal you will not only destroy your car, you will have to pay both fines to police and hunting society, and of course pay for the animal. 


Use your time in Zadar in best possible way with us, experiance everything that is worth your time


Once you arrive to your accommodation in Zadar you don't want to stay indoors all day and watch Tv. There is a lot to see and do in Zadar region and you have limited amount of time. Check out our trip and excursion options and decide what is right for you.

Decide between private tours, excursions to National Park Plitvička jezera, National Park KornatiNational Park Krka, go snorkeling around sunken ship and enjoy the perfect day exploring islands. Go bungee jumping or rafting. Use your time.

Sakarun Beach Trip



ZAZ à Zadar 12.08.2014. Expérience particulière ? Vivez le concert du bateau!!!


BandZAZ célèbre tiendra le concert à Zadar, sur l'ancien Roman Forum le 12 août en 2014.

Étant donné que le concert a lieu près de la côte, nous vous offrons une expérience unique possibilité. Nous pouvons venir vous chercher avec un bateau et ancrez-la juste en face du concert.


Zadar Virtual Tour 360


Zadar Virtual Tour 360


Zadar to Kornati Trip

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The Sea Organ

Zadar, Croatia-Tourist wonder.

The Sea organ  is an architectural object located in Zadar, Croatia and an experimental musical instrument which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps.


The waves create somewhat random but harmonic sounds. The device was made by the architect Nikola Bašic as part of the project to redesign the new city coast (Nova riva), and the site was opened to the public on 15 April 2005.


Tourist wonder-Zadar, Croatia


'Ode to Joy' - New promotional film of Croatian National Tourist Board

Croatian National Tourist Board have produced remarkable new promotional film "Ode to Joy" in preparation for the upcoming tourism season.

The promotional film, produced for the Croatian National Tourist Board, and featuring the country's star cellist, takes viewers on a spectacular journey through the heritage, nature and culture of the country.

The Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) has made first place in the "Music Video" category of the 11th International Festival of Tourism Films and Multimedia Works held in Berlin Germany, reported daily newspaper Vecernji list.

HTZ won the "Tourism Oscar" for their promotional video titled "Ode to Joy" which features the performance of the final movement of Beethoven's 9th Symphony "Oode to Joy" from well known Croatian cellist Ana Rucner, with images from all over Croatia displayed without any words.

The Croatians fought off competition from over 180 countries to win the award. The video, which was directed by Hrvoje Hribar and will be shown on television screens all over the world as part of HTZ's promotion of Croatia as a destination.

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