" Wakacje w prywatnych apartamentach w Zadar, Chorwacja, jest to wszystko, co chcesz "
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    On this totally unique experience you will fly in the Extra 300 with an experienced competitor and demonstrator of aerobatics. The Extra 300 has been designed and built purely for aerobatics and it has set a new benchmark as an incredibly maneuverable plane. The Extra 300 is stressed for ±10 G with incredible power to weight ratio, meaning it can PULL UP to a 450 degree per second roll rate and a maximum speed of up to 410 km/h thanks to a 300bhp Lycoming, six cylinder engine.

    After a safety briefing, it's time to get mentally and physically prepared for the most extreme experience of your life. Ready? As you are safely strapped into the front seat with a five point harness... Wait! Hold on a minute! Did you say front seat? Yes! The Extra 300 is a tandem stunt plane and the pilot sits behind you so that you will have an unobstructed, upside down view of the sea above and the sky below. Huh?!?

    As the engines roar into life and the daredevil within you awakens, the plane gains speed and height and then it begins... Loopings, Cuban 8, Immelmans, Rolls, Inverted flight,  Hammerheads... all of them nailed spot on as your friends watch from below in amazement.


    • Welcome drink
    • Meet and greet with the pilot
    • A full pre-flight safety briefing
    • A 20 minute aerobatics in the Extra 300 which includes manuvers: Looping, Cuban 8, Immelman, Rolls, Inverted flight and Hammerhead
    • Detailed commentary during the flight
    • A chance to take the controls and fly the plane yourself
    • After your experience chill out and share your impressions with our team
    • Invitation on weekly airfield barbecue and blues party with our team
    • A surprise gift/ souvenir


    • Shuttle transport to airport
      • ZADAR meeting point is by the bridge
    • On demand pickup from your accommodation
    • Your Acrobatic flight VIDEO and PHOTOS on DVD professionally edited
    • Any kind of SUPRISE you want we can arrange it:
      • Birthday presents
      • Wedding proposals
      • "I just quit my job party"

    ....and any other interesting and creative surprises you may come up with.


    Najlepsza oferta
    389.00 €