" Urlaub in privaten Ferienwohnungen in Zadar, Kroatien, ist es alles, was Sie wollen "
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    Holidays in Dalmatia and on Dalmatian islands

    Dalmatia is divided into three regions: northern Zadar, middle Split and southern Dubrovnik.
    The centre of Dalmatia is the city of Split. The most significant coastal cities are Split and Zadar, Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Makarska, Trogir as well as Knin, Sinj and Imotski in the Dalmatian Zagora region. Some of the largest islands are Hvar, Brač, Vis, Korčula, Mljet, Dugi otok, Pag and Vir.
    Dalmatia is situated in the south of Croatia and has a 400 km long coast.


    holiday destination zadar

    Zadar Croatia

    The area between the rivers Krka and Cetina was first mentioned in the 1st century as the habitat of the Illyrian tribe Delmati or Dalmati after whom this region was named.


    Dalmatia has the most indented coast in Europe, lots of magnificent islands, reefs and cliffs, 1208 to be more precise, Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and short and mild winters, a wonderful and uniquely clean sea with beautifully arranged beaches thus known as the pearl of the Mediterranean.

    Zadar is your choice, the guide through the County of Zadar
    Among bigger towns in the Zadar County, the medieval city of Zadar, also known as Croatian Rome stands out. One must also mention Croatian royal towns of Biograd and Nin as well as the town of Pag known as an example of a planned Renaissance 15th century town.

    The county occupies the surface of 7,486.91 km2, the land surface is 3,641.91 km2, sea surface is 3,845 km2, and the surface of all the islands occupies 587.6 km2.

    The County of Zadar is perfectly located, surrounded by four national parks: the Plitvice Lakes, the Mountain of Paklenica, the river Krka and the Kornati Islands.

    Did you know?
    - that the city of Zadar is the first city on the Croatian ground with a university since 1396. This university was founded by the Dominicans.
    - that the Faculty of Philosophy was founded in 1956 as the first institution of higher education outside the University of Zagreb
    - that the first Croatian novel titled ‘The Mountains’ was written in Zadar in 1536 by Petar Zoranić
    - that the first newspapers in the Croatian language was printed in Zadar in 1806. It was called "Kralj Dalmatin".
    - that the first modern city water supply line was built in Zadar in 1838
    - that the first systematically constructed power supply network was in Zadar in 1894
    - that the Seal of Zadar is the oldest city seal in Croatia stemming from late 12th century
    - that the plaster on the Veli Rat lighthouse on the island of Dugi otok was made of 100,000 egg yolks
    - that Empress Maria Theresa kept on her Viennese court a lady lace-maker from the island of Pag who  knitted lace for the needs of her court
    - that the English king Edward VIII with Wallis Simpson visited the island of Molat during their Adriatic cruise      
    - that the liquer from Zadar called Maraschino was exported in 18th century into almost all European countries and was drunk by all famous rulers: the English king George IV, - Napoleon Bonaparte, Russian Emperor Nicholas
    -that George Bernard Shaw said: "On the last day of his creation, God wished to crown his own work and out of tears, stars and breath created Kornati islands."
    "Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world!" – Alfred Hitchock said to his American colleagues after returning from his location search in the early 70s.                   

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