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    Canoe safari on Zrmanja in Velebit Nature Park is one of the most beautiful trips on Croatian rivers. Downhill canoes through the gorge, entering the tributary canyon - Krupa, Krupa and waterfalls, is an unforgettable experience.

    Zrmanja and Krupa belong to the group of Europe's most beautiful rivers: perfectly clear water , magnificent canyon, magical waterfalls . They are easy and safe for novice canoeists but natural environment makes it very exciting . You will see many species of fish and birds and explore typical karst phenomenon - travertine barriers . Our journey begins in the Kaštel Žegarski, an hour's drive from Zadar . You will quickly learn to paddle a kayak in open slowly entering the canyon . Open kayaks are designed for two people , very stable and easy to manage . It is not necessary to have previous experience , and the trip can engage children accompanied by their parents . Pants or bathing suit , sandals or sneakers and T-shirts are what you need on the river . You will get a vest for swimming and paddle but take cream with sunscreen and a towel - you will get wet . Bring a sandwich – in case you get hungry and a non-alchoholic drink , although the river water sources and of excellent quality. At Krupa and Zrmanja can use different types of boats for greater comfort and safety . Quality rafting tours in the summer months is not possible due to low water levels because the boats destroyed travertine barriers .


    During the summer months Zrmanja use kayaks for two people . Each kayak has waterproof bag ( for dry clothes , food , camera, etc.) , there are also swimming vests and helmets which are mandatory part of the equipment. During high water levels ( spring ) we use boats for rafting ( 8-10 people ) , depending on weather conditions we give accessory for colder weather ( neoprene suits ) .

    Canoe safari Zrmanj

    Bring sturdy shoes, sneakers or similar sports shoes , T-shirt , swimsuit , sunscreen , a sandwich or a packed lunch and refreshing drink . Optional - hat , camera , towel

    Price per person is 300 kuna, and for children up to 12 years 200 kuna. The price includes the following : - lunch in nature ( barbecue , salad , drink ) - Tickets for the Velebit Nature Park ( 40kn ) - guide the group (skipper ) - all necessary equipment for this type of trip - accident Insurance


    Start ( dressing , instruction, boarding and start sailing Zrmanja ) are in Kastel Žegarski 10:30. The trip to the mouth of Krupa and High Noise ( 10 -meter waterfall ) takes an hour and a half, and the waterfall is bypassed with a 5 -minute walk . The whole trip takes four hours of which one hour is spent on occasional vacations and swimming. Rowing is not difficult or dangerous, the water is clear and refreshing summer ; perfect adventure for beginners .

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