" Odmor u privatnim apartmanima u Zadru, Hrvatska, to je sve što želim "
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    Remember the day when you made your first baby steps? Of course not; but you will surely remember the moment you step out of an airplane for the rest of your life. Not only is this a special moment for you, but we also feel privileged to be the ones who can share your first tandem skydiving Zadar, Croatia rush with you. Prior to skydiving Zadar in Croatia, we will start of with a pre-jump safety briefing, where all of your questions will be answered and the whole procedure of the tandem skydiving in Zadar, Croatia will be explained in detail. After that, we board our plane and get ready for the tandem skydiving jump. Ready?

    Your tandem skydiving instructor in Zadar, Croatia will be your silent partner, letting you have full control; or if you wish, you can just lay back and enjoy the ride. You may actually forget that your tandem instructor is there as you will be weightless during free fall.

    How high? How fast? What do we do in the air?

    We will be tandem skydiving Zadar, Croatia from as high up as 3500 AGL (above ground level) and we will be freefalling at speeds of 200 – 250 km/h for up to 50 seconds. While we free ride the wind, if you're up for it, we can do controlled canopy turns, speed diving and burn up the sky. Then, with a quick pull of the ripcord, we’ll enjoy a quiet and peaceful 5 – 7 minute parachute training flight. As we do so, you’ll learn about equipment safety, free fall body position, canopy control and landing patterns, under (literally) the watchful eye of your tandem skydiving instructor.

    Can it get any better than this?

    Well, actually it can. If you book on time you can experience a sunset skydiving, or skydiving during sunset, which is considered to be a ‘’crème de la crème‘’ of all skydiving jumps. During his stay in Zadar, Alfred Hitchcock is quoted as saying: “The sunset of Zadar is the world’s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida”’ so now you know that you’re in for a very special treat!

    Spectators are more than welcome to watch the tandem skydiving jumps.


    • Welcome drink
    • A full pre-jump safety briefing
    • A 20 minute panoramic flight while climbing to exit altitude
    • Up to 50 seconds of free fall and 5-7 minutes of scenic flight under parachute
    • Chance to take controls of parachute yourself
    • After your experience chill-out and share your impressions with our team
    • Invitation to weekly airfield barbecue and blues party with our team
    • A surprise gift/ souvenir


    • Shuttle transport to airport
    • On demand pickup from your accommodation
    • Video and photos on DVD professionally edited and filmed by our skydiving cameraman
    • Any kind of SUPRISE you want we can arrange it:
      • Birthday presents
      • Wedding proposals
      • I just quit my job party

      ....and many, many other kind of interesting and creative surprises.


    Najbolja ponuda
    229.00 €